Film "Ludlow" by Leonidas Vardaros, 27/11/2016  -  ART BASE

The documentary narrates the story of Greek immigrants at the beginning of the last century, who ended up in distant Colorado working under inhuman conditions in the coal mines of Rockefeller and his fellow mine owners, and who together with immigrants from 22 other countries revolted and wrote a proud page of American labor history, known as the Colorado Coal War of 1913-14.
It is a story not often mentioned in history books, but alive in the memory of the children and the grandchildren of the men who fought for their life and dignity.  They recount their family history with pride and anger in their voice, pride for their forefathers and anger for the injustices they were faced with.
Despite the millions that Rockefeller spent to erase the memory of this story, the real events are well documented in local newspapers of the period, in records found in the archives of local universities and historical societies, and in the work of dedicated historians and researchers.
From these sources we collected the evidence – photos, videos, newpaper articles, songs – to create an engrossing and informative documentary that keeps the viewer’s interest alive from start to finish.  Under the guidance of director Leonidas Vardaros, the team, consisting of cinematographer Prokopis Dafnos, editor Xenofon Vardaros, sound engineer Andreas Gkovas, reasearcher Frosso Tsouka and narrator Rigas Axelos, gave their best in this truly collective effort.   The production management was carried out by the members of “Apostolis Berdebes” nonprofit, Stefanos Plakas, Frosso Tsouka, and Lina Gousiou.  The producers owe special thanks to the music group Romiosyni for the first ever professional recording of the song of the strikers “The Union Forever” with instrumentation by Teo Lazarou.
Having begun the narration of the untold story of Greek American radicalism in 2013 with the acclaimed documentary “Greek American Radicals”, the producer, “Apostolis Berdebes” non-profit company, believes that “Ludlow, Greek Americans in the Colorado Coal War” will become an important point of reference in that story, and wishes a good journey to the film. 
The film is dedicated to the Greek American Community whose support made this production possible.

Leonidas Vardaros, the director of "Ludlow", born in Ikaria in 1950. He studied theater and film in Athens and has worked with various innovative semi-public, municipal and state theaters. He directed the historical and cultural documentaries for public television, the main theme of phis work is the political exile, Greek writers biographies, as well as a series of 13 documentaries on ancient Greek culture through the game. He directed two short films and in 1998 turned the film "Ouloi emeis  Efendi". We will certainly try to bring this film for the next Ikarian days. Other selected filmography:

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