The "fokiano", the king of the grapes variety



The soil of Ikaria has inherited a specific character to this red variety. The first mention of Fokiano, under the same name, appeared within a text of a European traveler of the 15 century. The wine produced from the Fokiano variety has a special aroma, a long aftertaste, and a bright ruby color. The fokiano vine produces bunches that are not dense, with grapes of medium size. The yield rate is less than 500kg/1.000m ². Fokiano is cultivated on leveled surfaces all over the island. A unique wine made from the king of the grape variety, the “fokiano”, the Ikarian fragrance, comes to Brussels for

the Ikarian festival

on November 25 and 26 at 19:00

in the Municipal Hall of Sainte Catherine, rue Melsens 38,1000 Brussels.


It is cultivated on terraces, and it has a low yield rate (500 kilos/1000m²). Here, the soil of Pramnos mountain gives us a wine with bright red colour, fine aromas of flowers and red berries, rich and balanced taste, with smooth tannins. ICARUS favors light meals and yellow cheese.

It is served at 16°-18°C. This is our wine of the Ikarian days 2016 from our favourite producer Afianes winery of the island. You will have the opportunity to taste it in all events.



Afianes Wines

tel: 2275040008

post: Pr. Ilias, Christos Raches Ikaria, 83301, Greece